A long-term living resort for your stuffed loved ones on the shores of beautiful Lake Granbury, Texas.






The Retirement Home for
Stuffed Animals and Dolls
is located on beautiful
Lake Granbury, about 45
minutes Southwest of
Fort Worth, Texas.
Won't your stuffed
loved ones enjoy the
sunrise and sunsets
over Lake Granbury?
Stuffed animals and dolls
love to spend the day
fishing on Lake Granbury.
A SN (Stuffed
Nurse) like this one
is available 24
hours a day to
assist the stuffed
animals and dolls.
Jet skiing, boat rides, and
pedal boating are favorites
of our stuffed residents.

Lakeside Retirement Home
for Stuffed Animals and Dolls
The Lakeside Retirement Home for Stuffed Animals and Dolls (and
blankies) was founded in 2006 in response to the demand for
good, quality, long-term care for our stuffed loved ones.

We all have them...  The sweet little family members made of fluff
and stuff:  animals, dolls, blankies of every size, shape, and color.   
They are in a variety of conditions, too!  Some are new, some are
old, but all are truly loved.  They've been there for us through the
good times and the bad, through starting pre-school to starting law
school.  We could always count on them.

But, eventually, it becomes time for our loved ones to leave us.  We
need our bedrooms back, and our attics, our basements, and our
closets.  The time has come for our stuffed animals, dolls, and
blankies to move to a new home.  It's time for them to retire with
other stuffed animals, dolls, and blankies...

That is what has inspired us to create the Lakeside Retirement
Home for Stuffed Animals and Dolls (and blankies).  They have
been there for us...now, it's time for us to be there for them.


We hope your stuffed loved ones will join us on the banks of  
Lake Granbury, located about  45 minutes from Fort
Worth, Texas.  Here, they will find a loving, caring staff waiting for
them, along with activities from fishing, jet skiing, and boating, to
just taking a stroll around the grounds or sunbathing on the dock.

We provide plenty of suntan lotion and cool drinks for your loved
ones, so all they have to worry about is having fun.  There are other
sporting activities available such as ping pong, foosball, volleyball,
and tennis.  Your fluffy friends can also enjoy a nice game of  cards
or just socializing with the other stuffed animals and dolls in the
livingroom.  Of course, we never force our residents to do anything.  
It is entirely up to them to decide how they would like to spend their
time with us.

We have a 24 hour SN (Stuffed Nurse) available for those of our
friends with special needs.  We know accidents happen -- from
lawn mower tragedies to the unfortunate dog chewing incidents --
we, at the Lakeside Retirement Home, are ready to take in your
stuffed loved one and cater to his or her individual needs.

CONTACT US if you have any questions or if we may be of
service to you.  Be sure to visit our
SERVICES page.  We look
forward to meeting your stuffed animals, dolls, and blankies!